Bourses pour les étudiants EPE qui résident en Colombie-Britannique

Bourses pour les étudiants EPE qui résident en Colombie-Britannique

par Mélanie Hotte,
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Voici l'information concernant les bourses du ECEBC qui sont maintenant ouvertes pour la session d'été : 

Heather here from ECEBC, happy to announce the Summer 2017 ECE Student Bursary intake is now open! Students can find the application on our website (direct link: Please note the priority criteria have expanded:

  • Aboriginal students,
  • Students attending early childhood educational programs with an Aboriginal focus,
  • Students working to achieve an infant/toddler educator designation, and
  • Students working to achieve a special needs educator designation.


However, we encourage all ECE students at the approved training institutions to apply!


Please take note of the intake’s deadlines: Applications (including all supporting documentation) are due by 5:00PM on Thursday, July 13, 2017. And Summer 2017 transcripts, showing grades for courses taken from May to August 2017, are due at 5:00PM on Thursday, September 21, 2017. Without supporting documentation and transcripts, we cannot process an application. All of this information, as well as our ECE Student Bursary policy, is located on the main page of our website,