PSS - Offre d'emploi Vancouver

PSS - Offre d'emploi Vancouver

par Déborah Marolle,
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Bonjour à tous, 

Je vous partage une offre d'emploi sur Vancouver pour les étudiants du programme PSS:

"I am a professional Social Worker with a disability working in healthcare.  I am urgently seeking to hire a Personal Support Worker/HCA on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8 PM to 10 PM.

The following requirements are non-negotiable:

- I require a résumé.  Please email it to me at along with a cover letter telling me about yourself.
-You must be willing to do some pet care and not be afraid of a cat and small dog
-I require a female caregiver
-You must be available for all three shifts and know that will amount to ONLY 6 hrs. per week at $21 per hour.  That being said, there is often the opportunity to pick up the odd extra shift.
-You can essentially never cancel on me.  I NEED the help, without fail. 
-I require extreme punctuality and reliability and, preferably, a long-term commitment.
-You must be vaxxed and boosted and you must obtain the flu shot when available.
-I will provide masks and gloves

Thank you,